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Downsizing: Moving from the Eastside to Downtown Seattle

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Feb 6 5 minutes read

There is a new trend in Seattle, downsizing from the Eastside to downtown Seattle. The move from a suburban environment to an urban one is both exciting and adventurous. Leaving behind a yard, a garage, square footage and a suburban lifestyle means big changes for your everyday life. So whether you are moving for work, for less maintenance, or a desire to be part of the downtown vibe, the transition can sometimes be a little overwhelming at first. This is a list of things to know before and during your transition.

  • What are your priorities for your new home? As you downsize you realize every space suddenly becomes more important because you have less space. So figure out what is really important to you and make sure you get that in the new home you are buying. Do you want upgraded finishes, more closets, better views, closer proximity to markets? All of these things matter because they help guide you to your new home.
  • Think about the amenities you want. Realistically look at your life and what is most important. Do you spend a lot of time outside, do you like to workout, are you looking for the convenience of a concierge, or community space? Choosing the right amenities will help feel more at home in your ne environment.
  • Don’t forget HOA fees. The fees associated with condo buildings are important to factor into your monthly budget. Make sure the fees fit your budget so you aren’t surprised after you move in.
  • It can be an emotional experience. Our homes are full of memories. The memories that are formed in our homes seem to attach themselves to each room, to each window, each wall, each hallway. We hear and see the events that unfolded in our homes over the years we have lived there. People often focus on the loss of these memories and forget that memories are something that move with us everywhere we go.  Each room seems to hold all of these special moments and as we empty them we relive each moment whether good or bad. Our homes are also filled with stuff. This stuff has memories, whether it is the day you bought it, the relative who gave it to you or the amount of work you put into obtaining it. As we let these things go, or as we sell them, it can easily feel like you are giving away your past, and the things you worked so hard to obtain.
  • It is liberating. Many people find that as they let go of their things they feel free. It can feel like weight has been lifted off. The things you worked so hard to obtain you also had to work hard to maintain. As you get rid of stuff you also realize you are getting rid of obligations to maintain these things. Smaller spaces mean less maintenance and thus more free time.
  • Downsizing means a definite change in lifestyle. It makes logical sense that the smaller the space the less to care for, so you have the time you previously used to maintain your lawn, garden, or outdoor space to now do what you would like to do. It also means those spaces where you used to relax, your kids would run and play, your pets would roam, they are gone. You are now spending your time outside in “common areas” whether that is in outdoor or indoor spaces in a condo building or strolling through the neighborhoods of the city. You will most likely spend less time in your car, and more time walking or riding a bike to get around, or on other transportation to get around. Many times this means you can get to restaurants, shopping and cultural events quicker and easier than when you lived in the Eastside.
  • Excitement. Prepare for the excitement of moving to a new area, exploring new neighborhoods, restaurants and shops. It is invigorating. People often find they have more energy and spend more time outside of their homes exploring all that a new neighborhood has to offer. There is a vitality and a feeling of rejuvenation which comes with the energy of moving to a new location, and changing your lifestyle.
  • What do you do with your free time? For many people when they downsize they are leaving behind yard work, maintenance work, and general upkeep on a home and moving to smaller spaces without yards, as much maintenance or square footage to take care of. Cleaning your house is faster, any maintenance you have to do is quicker simply due to the fact that you have less space. So, what do you do with all of that time you used to spend keeping up your home? What do you do with the time you spent buying things to fill up your home? The possibilities are endless and so is the fun you can have redefining your life.

Whether you are thinking about the possibility of downsizing or are ready to take the leap get in touch with us, we can help you find your dream home, or list your current one.

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