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Finding The Right Agent To Help You Buy Your New Home

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Feb 6 6 minutes read

Buying a new house or condo is a big investment. Finding the right person to work with you is so important you shouldn’t leave it to chance.

Finding the right buyers agent can save you time, energy, and stress. When you find the right agent to work with as you search for your new house or condo it should be someone who gets you, they understand what you are looking for in a home, and in a community. You have trust and understanding, so you know they are out working for you to find you the home you are looking for. This takes the pressure off of you to spend hours doing your own searches, vetting and research.

How do you find the right agent for you?

  • Talk to friends and colleagues for recommendations. This is a great way to gauge compatibility between you and an agent. If your friends like them and felt they did a great job then there is a good chance you will too. Make sure to make the time to interview the recommended agents yourself .
  • Search online for the local firms with the best ratings and reviews. Places like Zillow, trulia, facebook and google are great places to see what other people have to say about an agent. When you read the reviews pay attention to the the services the agent provided to the reviewer. Do these match with your expectations for your agent?
  • Check out their social media posts to get a sense of who they are. Looking at Realty groups websites, blogs and social media posts can give you a glimpse into how dedicated they are to their field, to sharing knowledge and information that benefits their clients and followers, as well as showing you how well they know the area you are looking at.
  • Interview them. It is important to know what you are getting with an agent but also how well you get along with each other. Is communication easy, do you feel you are being heard and understood? Trust your gut on this one, if it doesn’t feel like the right fit, it isn’t, even if they were your best friends agent.

What to ask during an interview (and our answers to these questions):

  • What are your general practices to help someone find the right home?  

Education is the key to a successful home search.  When our clients know and understand the average pricing, quality, and process of purchasing a home, everyone is happier with the outcome because they know they have made the best decision possible.  Additionally, being patient and helping people to understand what it is that they are looking for is paramount to making sure our clients find the right home for them.  It has happened countless times where a buyer comes in thinking they only want one type of property, and what they end up purchasing is the exact opposite.  Keeping an open mind, having fun with the process, and knowing the temperature of the market is paramount to a successful home search and transaction.    

  • Will you help me negotiate and write an offer? 

 Absolutely!  That is why you hired an agent from the Warmack Group.  We understand how to write very clean, very “tight” offers, which listing agents love to receive.  Additionally, we negotiate for the best possible scenario for our clients, while still getting the sellers to accept our offers above anyone elses.  It is a fine balance, but that is what we excel at: great offers, that allow us to get the best outcome – reaching mutual!   

  • How are you compensated?

We are paid on commission for each individual transaction.  Buyers don’t pay our commission.  Instead, we are paid by the selling agent at the end of the transaction.  So, if we don’t close your transaction then we don’t get paid.  Plus, referrals are a huge compensating factor for us.  We want you to think the work and knowledge we provided to you was great and would make you want to refer us to your friends and family.  

  • How will we work together once my offer is accepted?

The Warmack Group has an amazing Operations Manager, Kasey, to support the agents and you to ensure a super smooth transaction.  Getting to mutual is the hard part, and getting to close is the anxious part.  We want to make the time between mutual and close as easy and stress free as we can.  To do that, we work closely with you to watch timelines for things like inspections, financing, and appraisals, communicate often and quickly, and are as accessible as you need us to be.  Also, we work closely with the lenders to keep your financing (if needed) on track and escrow to allow for ample time to sign your paperwork.  Our goal is to get to day of closing with zero drama, so the most exciting thing to happen will be handing our clients their keys and celebrating with them!

  • Are you there at closing and after?

We don’t want to just be your agent for this one transaction.  We want to be your agent for life!  That means that we are here and available to be with you a your signing, to help you find contractors, architects, or a random vendor after you close, and for any additional needs you have now, and in the future.  Don’t be surprised if you hear from us multiple times throughout each year as we check in to make sure you are just as thrilled with your home/investment as you were the day you bought it.  We understand the importance of a good working relationship while you are search for your home, and we believe that that should extend far past closing.

All of our agents are available to talk more with you about our services and about what you are looking for in an agent. We strive to build long term relationships, not just one time sales so getting to know each other is just as important to you as it is to us at The Warmack Group. You can also read more about us on our website, see our listings, and find great information on our blog

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