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Home Maintenance Checklist for the Holidays

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Feb 6 3 minutes read

Before hosting holiday guests this season, it pays to do a quick spot-check of your home’s basic maintenance needs to ensure everyone’s comfort, safety and enjoyment during their stay. Get started now with this easy house maintenance checklist for the holidays:

Window Treatments & Carpeting

 Do any of the window coverings or carpets need cleaning?
 Are the fabrics in good shape?
 Do any of the blinds or shades require repair to function adequately?
 Is it easy to raise and lower the blinds and shades?
 Do the window treatments provide privacy as needed?
 Are the shutters easy to open and close?

Cabinet Hardware

☐ Do all of the drawers, cabinets and appliances have functioning handles and knobs?
☐ Are cabinets and drawers easy to open and close?
☐ Are cabinet hinges in good working order?

Home Safety & Security

☐ Have carbon monoxide and fire detectors and house alarms been tested recently? Do any need new batteries?
☐ Do you have the phone number for your security alarm company nearby in case your guests set off the alarm by mistake?
☐ Are there flashlights and back-up batteries available in case of power outages?
☐ Do all locks and deadbolts work?

Lighting Indoors & Out

☐ Is the lighting adequate for activities like reading and cooking?
☐ Are outdoor pathways lit well for everyone's safely?
☐ Do all of the light fixtures have working light bulbs?
☐ Do all light switches work?

Electrical Cords & Outlets

☐ Have cords been secured to prevent people tripping?
☐ Are all cords for lights and appliances in good condition with no fraying?
☐ Do outlets have safety caps when young children are present?
☐ Are kitchen and bathroom fans in good working condition?


☐ Are your stairs easy to navigate indoors and out?
☐ Do any stairs need safety treads to prevent slipping on wet steps?
☐ Are railings secure?

Space & Flow

☐ Are your floors clutter-free to prevent possible tripping or slippage?
☐ Does any furniture placement make it difficult to get around or between rooms?

For more information on how regular home maintenance can enhance the value of your home, give Matt a call today at 206. 494. 0296 or email us

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