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Home Staging to Sell Your Home Fast!

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Aug 8 4 minutes read

Now that you have cleaned, sorted and purged with your approaching home sale in mind, you’re ready for one last step before listing: staging your home for fast sale success!

What is Home Staging?

Staging is the art of showcasing your home’s desirable features and amenities to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Beyond sprucing up your home inside and out, effective staging adds just the right touch to help buyers imagine how they could easily see themselves living in your surroundings. When done well, staging provides a transformative experience that results in happy home sellers and buyers.

How is Home Staging Done?

Typically, a professional stager seeks to blend a sense of space, color and furnishings to create positive visual appeal. The stager may work with accessories and furnishings already on hand and/or may bring in additional materials to create the desired ambiance.

Home staging ranges from making small changes, like repurposing furniture or rearranging accent pillows for a more polished look, to styling shelf, table and wall displays for greater impact, to more elaborate design by rearranging furniture to create focal points for conversation or better traffic flow. 

What Accessories Do Home Stagers Use?

Here are five favorite staging accessories that can show off your home to its best advantage:

Table settings

What’s more enticing to prospective buyers than an elegantly set table for two or four to whet the appetite? Accessories might include a beautiful table runner and table linens, a bottle of wine and wine glasses, a vase filled with fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, candles, and elegant or casual dinnerware and utensils.

Area Carpets

Layering different textures to a room provides a sense of warmth and coziness. For instance, area carpets can help soften the sounds of walking on hard surface floors and create a calm feeling. They can also anchor furniture, define a space and unify colors or other disparate elements.

Potted Plants

One way to integrate the outdoors and indoors is by introducing greenery, such as potted plants, to your room design. Whether placing one small plant to accessorize a bookshelf, countertop or table, using one large plant to make a bold statement or grouping a variety of plants together for visual interest, plants bring vitality to your home.


For an easy, inexpensive solution to brighten your home and add reflective light, mirrors, like glass tables, offer a magical solution. While you may not be able to enlarge the square footage of your home, mirrors can create the illusion of enlarged space that prospective buyers seek. Plus, beautiful mirrors with a decorative frame provide an element of artwork to your space.

Fresh Linens

Fresh, crisp linens add a touch of care, comfort and luxury to home design. Whether setting a spa-like display of rolled hand towels in the bathroom, plush stacked towels in the laundry room or bringing in plump pillows and comforters in coordinating colors and covers to the master bedroom, such small touches can increase value to your home sale. 

Staging & The Warmack Group Approach

When you trust your home to The Warmack Group, staging is a complimentary part of the Listing Process. With our team of experts and inventory of decor, we ensure your house is showcasing its best before it hits the market. To learn more about the benefits of staging for fast home sale results, give Matt a call today at 206. 494. 0296 or email us at 

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