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How Can Every Real Estate Agent be the #1 Broker In Town?

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Feb 6 4 minutes read

Have you started to notice that every Real Estate Agent is the #1 broker in town?

Just as not every restaurant’s soup is World Famous, many agents are not telling the truth when they claim to be #1.

Unfortunately ego’s drive many realtors. It sounds great to be #1 so say it and they will come…maybe.

Because the industry is so fragmented it is true that many realtors can be #1 in their area of expertise. The question is this, is that expertise what you need? If you are looking for a home in Seattle is being #1 in another neighborhood the best thing for you?

We all want to be #1 in our field but printing it, putting it on the always true internet, and yelling it from Mount Ranier doesn’t make it true.

So, how do you dig through all the hype, exaggerated claims, ego and internet “facts” to find the Top Agent in your neighborhood, or the neighborhood where you want to move?

  • Ask the agents you are interviewing (you can see our suggestion for interview questions in this post, and this one ) to provide you the data to prove their #1 claim:
  • Check out their Zillow Reviews, you can see ours as an example
  • Look at third party sites, and use Facebook as a great reference point
  • Call their office and speak to the front desk person, ask them who the top teams in the office are, then interview them, ask for the data and do some research.

Finding the #1 agent for what you are looking for is almost as important as finding the #1 agent for you. If you meet them and just don’t feel right, then #1 isn’t really the best choice for you.

It was super exciting when the Chicago Bulls were the #1 team but it didn’t do us much good in Seattle. Neither will finding an agent who isn’t #1 in the area of expertise you need them to be. If your friends loved them when they bought their condo in Belltown that is fantastic but maybe not the best choice when you are looking for a house in an Eastside subdivision.

The average real estate agent does 4 to 6 transactions a year. High performance agents are doing 3+ transactions per broker on their team. Ask how many the agent you are considering does. If they do 15 a year, maybe that is not right for you because you want more personal attention, or an agent who does 1 transaction, while being #1 on that transaction might not be as experienced as you need to negotiate a great deal.

Ultimately you want the #1 agent for you. You want an agent who puts your interests above their commission. There is no formula for this but kind of like dating, you know it when you find it. When you take the time to find the #1 agent for you then your interests will be #1 to them and that is what truly matters.

In the online world it is hard to hide if people don’t like you or if the agent you are considering is only out for their bottom line. Read reviews to get a sense of who they are and how customer focused they are. Find out what services they offer, does that fit in with what you need?

Finding the right agent can mean a lot for your bottom line, your peace of mind and how quickly your house sells. If you choose the wrong agent you can spend a lot of time looking at homes that don’t suit you, listing your home at a price that is good for them but not for you, and pushing to get what you want. In the end your experience should have you bragging to everyone about how great everything was not pulling your hair out wondering how they could claim to be #1.

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