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Top 10 Questions To Ask A Listing Agent

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Feb 6 5 minutes read

When you decide to sell your house one of the most important things you can do is choose the right listing agent. This can be an overwhelming step so we are breaking down the most important questions you should ask any agent you are considering.

1. How many clients do you currently represent and what is your typical workload?

It is important to understand what a typical workload is for your agent, this helps you understand the amount of time your agent will have available in their schedule for you. Knowing ahead of time how many clients they currently represent also gives you an understanding of how many other clients they will have to fit in their schedule along with you. While it would be nice to think we can all be the only focus of someone it is not realistic, so understanding how many other clients your agent has will allow you to gauge how much time they will have available for you. Of course an agent who has no clients could also be a little concerning, so decide for yourself how much time you expect your agent to have for you and then talk with them about how that fits into their existing schedule.

2. What’s your experience and what’s your ongoing education plan?

As with all professional services ongoing education is key, not only to understanding the newest laws and regulations but also knowing what is working in the industry. Continuing education also means continued exposure to new marketing ideas, strategies and trends which can help get your house or condo sold quickly.

3. Do you work solo or as part of a team?

A team of realtors can be a bonus to any seller. One person can not be all things to all clients, they may have other obligations, vacations or emergencies which prohibit them from being available for you. A team of agents can help assure you can get help, advice, or guidance any time. It also means there are more people out there trying to sell your home.

4. Do you have a National Franchise behind you?

Full service national brokerage firms give a lot of support, training, systems options and technology support to their brokers and the properties listed by their brokers. This can be a huge advantage to a home seller.

5. How many online reviews do you have?

Reviews can tell you so much about the agent or firm you are considering. Check their websites, Zillow and Trulia. Ask your agent as well, they may have other sources where you can find reviews. You can not only gauge the work ethic of your agent, their level of service and their success rate.

6. What is your process to keep me informed?

When selling your home finding a listing agent who communicates well and frequently is vital. Also, make sure your agent is very transparent. It is important for you, as the seller, to have access to any information you need or want and to be able to easily find out what has been done and what the future plans are for the sale of your home.

7. What is your marketing plan?

Marketing your home is key to getting it sold quickly and for the best price. Find out what the Agent does normally to market their listed properties, and what they intend to do for yours. It is important to make sure you and the Agent agree on how your house will be marketed, it will save a lot of frustration if you are.

8. Do you do any online advertising?

Traditionally home sale advertising was done using the newspaper or other periodicals. Now there are a lot of places and ways to advertise listings online. Ask the agent

A lot of the traditional “newspaper” type advertising is now done online, so find out what websites, tools and social media the Agent/Agency would use to get exposure for your home.

9. What is the average days on market for my neighborhood & your team?

Top performers in the Real Estate industry know the answer to this. They know their markets. They should know the statistics for your neighborhood, as well as the statistics for their business. It is important the Agent show understanding of your neighborhood so they know the target market for your home when they are advertising and marketing.

10. Will you stage my home?

 Some Realtors will stage your home at their expense. The Warmack Group offers this to each of their clients. It can remove a lot of stress from the selling process to have professionals come in and do what they do best, without you having to worry about it or pay for it. If it is important to you to have this service then shop around, there are groups who will make sure everything is taken care of, including the professional photos.

At The Warmack Group we pride ourselves on great service, knowledge, experience and transparency. We are a successful part of the Keller Williams national franchise. 

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