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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals...

Aug 28 4 minutes read

When Seattle’s lazy, hazy days of summer call, homeowners look for any excuse to simplify home maintenance and head outdoors. With our easy, breezy summer home maintenance checklist, you can spruce up your home AND still find time to play outside in the Great Pacific Northwest.

1. Home Interior

Ceiling Fans, Vents & AC Units

Be sure to keep your ceiling fans and AC Units in good working order throughout the summer season to save energy, reduce costs and avoid breakdowns.

Regular cleaning of your air conditioning unit prevents debris buildup that interferes with airflow. Unclogging dryer vents also reduces fire risk. For ceiling fans, beyond light cleaning of the blades, look for any loose connections that could cause the fan to be noticeably noisier or more unstable than normal. To maximize cooling comfort, create a wind-chill effect by running the fan in a counterclockwise direction.


Clean and/or replace the air filters as necessary and schedule your annual furnace inspection to prepare for Fall’s cooler weather ahead.

Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Test all smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to ensure each are working properly. Replace batteries as needed.

2. Home Exterior 

Here’s your excuse to get outside. Do a spot check around the house exterior now while the weather’s warm and sunny. Look for any signs of deterioration, leakage or malfunction. Include:

Roof and Chimney

Check for loose roof shingles and chimney masonry cracks to avoid potential problems from water damage.

Porch and Deck

Tighten any loose railings. On wood surfaces, look for raised nails and signs of rotting or splitting boards. Hammer down loose nails or replace popped ones. Protect your deck surface with regular sweeping and hosing off of debris. Seal with a solid or semi-transparent stain.


Make note of any peeling paint, raised nails or bird holes.


Keep windows sparkling clean indoors and out. Look for areas of condensation indicating the possibility of broken water seals. Check for any holes or tears in window and door screens to keep insects out.


Remove any branches and other loose debris clogging the gutters to ensure proper water drainage. Confirm that the gutters are tightly secured and look for any holes or signs of rust requiring repair.

3. Property Perimeter 


Look for cracks in the driveway. Repair or resurface as needed.


Keep your fences fully functioning for their intended use by checking for warping, peeling paint or rotting posts.

Landscaping & Gardening Tools

Regular watering with soaking hoses, an irrigation system or hose spraying will help maintain the health of your lawn. Mulching will help retain the water and prevent weeds from popping up.

Remember that container gardens often require daily watering during summer.  Clean garden tools after usage and sharpen as needed for best performance.

Garden Hoses

Save on your water bill by stopping leaks due to improper fit of hose to exterior faucet or the spray nozzle.

Play & Patio Equipment

Maximize child safety by spot-checking play structures like swings, seesaws and trampolines. Check surface areas for broken glass or other debris like rusty metals that could cause injury.

Don’t forget to keep your BBQ in good working order with regular cleaning. Clean the grill, remove residue and cover the surface when not in use.

Now that you’ve completed the items on your Summer Maintenance Checklist, it’s time to settle back in your hammock, sip a cool drink and admire your handiwork!

Have any questions about how you can add value to your home over the summer months? We’re here to help. Give Matt a call today at 206. 494. 0296 or email us at

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