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Meet The Bruce Family

Matt Warmack

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals.

Matt is the reason we’re all here—to help Seattle home owners and buyers achieve their goals.

Oct 3 4 minutes read

We asked our clients to tell us a bit about their experience with the Warmack Group...

We had an apartment, but I wanted a home with a yard and neighbors that my daughter could grow up knowing and having. I needed something with a yard, good school district, yet not too far from my work as I'm a Flight Attendant and do turns to be home every day with my daughter. I love the outdoors, travel, and am pretty social so this home is perfect since I can entertain friends and family since I'm a single mother and going out is much more limited now.


Fears, Other Realtors, Important Factors

I was fortunate enough to know Beth through our social circle and have a friend speak highly of their work with her. 

Beth in particular understood my needs having children of her own. Beth is nothing short of a professional and worked hard to be there to view homes even meet at open houses. 

I realized early in that a lot of homes I could eliminate immediately just by driving past myself. One Saturday I looked at 14 houses, 7 were open houses, and eliminated 12. This made my time going to see homes far more efficient with Beth. Beth was also phenomenal connecting me with amazing financing agents and all other house related items and questions. When we looked at houses she immediately noticed things I would have missed and had great ideas for others on potential. 

Beth listened to my wants and when I found this house (which was only listed for 5 days before reviewing offers with no open houses) Beth was on top of going to see it with me and just as excited when we walked through knowing it met and exceeded all my wants and needs in a home. The thing is you never lose anything having an agent when you're a buyer. A good real estate agent makes all the difference. The first home I owned in Bellingham showed me the huge value in this from both sides.


What surprised you? What was difficult? Describe the process...

There were 7 offers on the house and one higher than mine. Beth wrote up a proposal that was appealing to the sellers and showed them I was very serious and solid. We did a closing in under 30 days thanks to an incredible team. 

The initial lender, however, started applying pressure tactics on a loan rate I was not comfortable with and also started trying to renegotiate his rate when he knew I was under the gun. Beth lined me up immediately with a great lender who had better rates and treated me with respect and dignity. She also addressed the matter with the prior guy. Beth had my back at every turn and any hiccup she was on top of despite the hour.


What advice would you have for future clients? Were there any unique qualities about me or the transaction that stood out to you?

Always get a good real estate agent! One that listens to what you want and will work for you. It's all the difference between getting the home you want and with minimal stress. Also, be willing to do the footwork and go view homes and their neighborhoods before dragging out your agent. It will greatly help and streamline and narrow things down for everyone.

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